About Us

Since 1994, DEMANDTRANS SOLUTIONS has focused on what we do best — delivering software applications to solve challenging problems, whether they involve operations management, resource scheduling, predictive modeling, transportation services or the needs of research organizations for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

We’re focused on delivering value to our clients using the know-how we possess and our ability—demonstrated time and again—to successfully manage business technology projects from inception to completion to the client’s satisfaction.

But most importantly, we're focused on listening. Because all the expertise in the world means nothing if it’s not in the service of the client’s distinctive needs. And your needs are distinct to your unique situation.

DemandTrans' founding partners had successful tenures in the world of research and consulting prior to creating the company, and we operate under the conviction—reinforced by 35 years of project management experience—that in-depth knowledge of the problem domain is the key to successfully managing technology projects. Our problem solving DNA enables us to get beneath the surface and fully understand the multiple aspects of the situation, and then devise a solution that truly puts our clients ahead of the curve. The way we see things, successful project management is all about delivering results to the client.

Roger Teal, our president, is a former university professor in transportation systems with 20 years of experience in leading a software development and consulting firm and over 30 years of project management experience. Dr. Teal has competencies in scheduling systems, software application design, systems analysis, and analytic methodologies, and has played a key role in designing many of the software applications and tools that DemandTrans has delivered to its clients. He has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to use his problem solving and leadership skills to bring initiatives to successful conclusions.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced software engineers, database designers/programmers, and project managers, all of whom have at least 15 years of experience in developing organizational scale applications. They are technology consultants, working directly with clients to devise a solution, as well as technically proficient software developers. Our team members have directly experienced, on multiple occasions, both the challenge and the satisfaction of delivering mission-critical systems to our clients, and understand the imperatives of performing at a high level when the results of one’s work are so impactful.