Predictive Analytics

DemandTrans has substantial experience in applying analytics approaches in the business applications we develop for our clients. We have developed analytic reporting systems as part of both our ACSS conferencing scheduling system and the MobilityDR platform, and have added analytics components to several of our data collection systems. The prime example of our predictive analytics capabilities is the KnowDelay Flight Delay Prediction application.

  Flight Delay Prediction Website

Working with a team of experts, DemandTrans developed a predictive engine to forecast hour by hour airport performance at the nation’s 37 largest airports, taking into account weather forecasts and how the airport operates under different weather conditions, including the influence of airline decisions and the behavior of the national air traffic control system. The KnowDelay system predicts for each airport for each hour for the next 72 hours whether the airport will experienced major delays, moderate delays, or little or no delay, using a Red, Yellow, and Green metaphor. Probabilities will be added to these predictions by mid-2014. Predictions are based on rules and mathematical models calibrated from historical and operational data on how airports respond to different weather condition and the impacts of different levels of flight traffic. The KnowDelay website,, has been operational for over a year, and the KnowDelay predictions are accurate more than 80% of the time. DemandTrans serves as the technology team for KnowDelay, who is in the process of commercializing this technology in conjunction with other airline travel industry organizations.