DemandTrans Solutions believes that working in close partnership with you is the best way to meet your needs. Our demonstrated success depends on a three-step process. First, we commit ourselves to listening to you and involving you closely in the project. Second, we carefully devise a solution approach and select the most appropriate technologies to implement the product of that creative collaboration. Finally, our experienced consultants, guided by our distinctive project management approach, deliver high quality software — a solution that matches your organization’s demands.

  • Information Systems Development – strategy, management, design, implementation and support
  • Resource Scheduling – for managing/optimizing labor resources and physical assets
  • Transportation Operations Management – scheduling and resource optimization solutions, mobile applications/implementations
  • Data Collection Systems – for research focused organizations and initiatives
  • Predictive Analytics – data analysis and model development to predict trends and behavior patterns in operations performance

    Maybe an off-the-shelf application package is right for you. But for many dedicated operations, it’s not. Off-the-shelf packages are often either too large or not powerful enough. Or you get only part of the solution and pay for features you will never use. They don’t really solve your needs.

    DemandTrans can tailor a software system that gives you precisely what you need at an attractive price. The same know-how we use to tailor solutions also enables us to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Often, the combination of our existing applications and experience allow us to jump start the solution process for you — and reduce the costs and risks.

    We have delivered customized applications to global organizations such as the World Bank, British Telecom, Verizon, InterCall, and SITA. We have helped public agencies like the Denver Regional Transportation District, major industry associations like the American Hospital Association, and public-private organizations like the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition of Detroit. And we have devised and implemented solutions for many other businesses and research organizations. We do not try to be all things to all people. We strive to find the right solution for you.

    Our Process



    DemandTrans has developed a distinctive approach to our projects, one in which the project team is the centerpiece. Our projects always feature a dual project team structure in which both DemandTrans and the client have a project manager who work closely together, and also closely involve other team members in the communication process. Communication is frequent and intensive, with all participants “in the loop”. The DemandTrans project manager is almost always a technical contributor to the team, whether as a technical problem solver, application or user interface designer, database administrator, or software developer in addition to their project management responsibilities. Like great sports teams, everyone has a role and makes a contribution, and success is a collective achievement.


    DemandTrans specializes in developing software applications that include technically challenging solution approaches, such as resource scheduling systems. We understand how to apply analytic and operations research tools and techniques to these situations to generate appropriate, high quality solutions. A large amount of computer code will ultimately be written to implement the solution, but the process begins with technical problem solving. Because of our team’s education, experience, technical competencies, and skills acquired over 20 years of developing these types of applications, we have mastered the all-important first step in the service delivery process—devising a solution that will technically produce the outcome the client is seeking. Similarly, in determining the most appropriate technologies to implement the solution, we are also guided by decades of experience and knowledge in assessing the strengths and limitations of particular platforms, frameworks and development environments.


    With a technical solution in hand, and a solid project team structure as the vehicle to move system development forward, the other key component of our process is our project management approach. DemandTrans employs the agile approach to software development, hence our focus is on achieving rapid results, and to do that it is essential to always know where we are with respect to the substance of the work being performed. And how do we do that? Our project manager is in close communication with the development team, and has the role of “chief problem solver”, so as the inevitable problems and challenges arise, they are rapidly dealt with and progress continues forward. The project manager is also the key knowledge disseminator to the client team and their project manager, and insures that they are fully in alignment with the work as it occurs, with frequent work- in-progress software demonstrations being a key technique for achieving this objective. When participants are highly knowledgeable about a project, a dynamic of self-management emerges that leads to highly productive results, and project management becomes a matter of artfully steering a vehicle that is moving at rapid speed towards the finish line.


    Know-how: that’s really how DemandTrans does what we do. And what is know-how? It’s the combination of functional, technical, and business proficiency—applied to a particular domain—which provides its possessor with the ability to achieve successful results. DemandTrans has this know-how in a number of areas, and we use it on behalf of our clients to enable them to achieve the results that they seek.