At DemandTrans, our team specializes in making Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) a reality. We understand consumers today expect seamless, efficient mobility choices delivered anytime, anywhere and our technology gives people exactly what they want--access to the most up-to-date travel options— all while reducing the effort and cost involved in delivering a real-time customized customer solution.
So isn’t it time transit got a little more… well…convenient?

MPower APP

Drivers and passengers can easily schedule and manage their rides with native mobile apps on both iOS and Android. Our App seamlessly integrates optimization and dispatching functions, assigning rides to the appropriate driver in order to ensure the most efficient solution to serve customers in a...


Our run-cutting software allocates vehicles and drivers using industry-leading solvers and algorithms to provide efficient, cost-effective route and fleet recommendations. OptiRun also features intuitive, interactive visualization to empower transit providers with a powerful story.

Mobility DR

Enables public transport providers to implement fully automated DRT/Flex services of many types. Be it first mile/last mile access to line haul transit, to community circulation and/or flex route and checkpoint services, Mobility DR’s automated optimization, scheduling and dispatching platform...