Since 1994, DEMANDTRANS SOLUTIONS has focused on what we do best - delivering software applications to solve challenging problems, whether they involve operations management, resource scheduling, predictive modeling, transportation services or the needs of research organizations for data collection, analysis, and reporting.


At DemandTrans, we specialize in developing state of the art Demand-Responsive Technology (DRT) solutions to private and public service operators across the globe. Our award-winning analytics-based assessment, design, and deployment of intelligent transit services is equipping leaders committed to providing customers with greater flexibility and value the tools they need to transform the transportation experience…one rider at a time.

Our Team

DemandTrans' founding partners had successful tenures in the world of research and consulting prior to creating the company, and we operate under the conviction-reinforced by 35 years of project management experience-that in-depth knowledge of the problem domain is the key to successfully managing technology projects.

Meet Our Team Members


  • Strafica

  • OReGo

  • Tuup

  • Cherriots Salem-Keizer Transit

  • AC Transit Oakland

  • VeTaxi

  • Big Star

  • Dart

  • Globe Tech

  • Pace

  • SCR Medical Transportation

  • MV